Presale Eagle License Plate

Eagle lovers and supporters: Here is an opportunity to support an effort by the American Eagle Foundation (AEF) to offer a specialty Bald Eagle license tag in Florida that will benefit eagle education, conservation and protection initiatives in our state. While AEF is located in Tennessee, they have been long-time funders of Audubon Florida’s EagleWatch Program and operate several eagle nest webcams here in Florida that give you an eagle’s eye view into the amazing process eagle parents go through to hatch and raise young. To purchase your presale eagle license plate tag voucher, go to In order for the eagle tag to be approved, 3,000 vouchers must be sold. If the minimum presale requirement is met, your tag order will be processed. If they fall short of the necessary presale goal, your purchase will be refunded.

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Vote for Birds and Nature

Vote for the birds
Much has happened over the last several years, and now is the time to stop and assess how well our government has met our goals: OUR goals, the will of the people. Nothing is more important than electing representatives at all levels who will promote the values of the majority. But our government does not know the will of the people if we don’t vote! Voting, especially in Florida where so many elections are very close, is our most important way of declaring our sentiments and strongest beliefs.

David Yarnold, CEO of the National Audubon Society, made a passionate plea for voting in the Summer 2020 Audubon Magazine: “If you value birds, vote for candidates who will uphold laws that will protect them like the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. If you value clean water and clean air, vote for candidates who will uphold and strengthen the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act.” He went on to encourage everyone to look at candidates’ plans concerning climate and energy.

These are important issues, and it’s critical that we use our voice, our vote, to elect candidates who will put environmental issues front and center. It is not an exaggeration to say that the future of life on our planet is at stake.

Here’s what you need to know:

Primary Election: August 18. Polling places will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Early voting will be held from Monday, August 3, through Saturday, August 15. All locations will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Voters must vote in the polling place to which they are assigned. To find your polling place, use the Precinct Finder. For complete information, visit the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections website here.

General Election: November 3, 2020. Polling places will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voters must vote in the polling place to which they are assigned. To find your polling place, use the Precinct Finder. The voter registration and party affiliation change deadline for the General Election is October 5, 2020. Early voting will be held from Monday, October 19, through Saturday, October 31, with hours still to be determined.

Vote by Mail: Visit the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections website here to vote by mail. The postal service recommends that voters mail ballots one week before the due date to account for any unforeseen events or weather issues and to allow for timely receipt and processing by election officials.

A new local birding resource

Howard Adams has spent at least part of his Covid-19 sequestration putting together a great resource for Alachua County birders. His Map of Alachua County Birding Sites lays out most (if not all) major birding sites in our home county. Check it out and fill in those missing locales on your birding site checklist.

You can also find it in its permanent home on our Local Birding Information page.


Hey birders: click on the following link, press the play button, and have a listen.

Great Crested Flycatcher, right? Wrong. It’s a pitch-perfect imitation of four Great Crested “wheep!” calls in a row … by a White-eyed Vireo. Over the years there have been several surprisingly early reports of Great Cresteds that were heard but not seen. I wonder how many of them were White-eyed Vireos – which also regularly mimic Summer Tanagers, Eastern Towhees, and several other species. Thanks to Frank Goodwin for sharing this (unedited) recording, made along the main drive at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park on February 25th.

Photo of White-eyed Vireo by Christopher Janus, taken along the La Chua Trail on February 17, 2018. Used with permission.

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NEW Birding Trails

The Santa Fe River Preserve, which the Alachua Conservation Trust opened to the public in November, is a 900-acre parcel of forest and pasture on State Road 121 just south of the Union County line. There are two trails, the 1.5-mile South Trail (4.5 miles north of LaCrosse) and the 0.75-mile North Trail (5.4 miles north of LaCrosse). Both show promise as birding spots – each trail has its own eBird Hotspot – or just as places where you can take a peaceful walk.