Chapter Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Chapter Board of Directors and Committee Chairs


President: Debbie Segal
Vice-President: Tim Hardin
Secretary: Felicia Lee
Treasurer: Elizabeth Mance


Eric Amundson
Karen Brown
Anne Casella
Peter Davis
Kayla Ehrlich
Gary Gossman
Kate Hellgren
Zachery Holmes
Scott Morris
Christina Opett
Jose-Miguel Ponciano
Katie Sieving
Bob Simons
Jonathan Varol
Adam Zions

Committee Chairpersons/Members

Backyard Birding Tour: Christina Opett-Soistman
Banding Lab:
Jonathan Varol, Katie Sieving
Birding Classes:
Gary Gossman
Conservation:  Bob Simons, Anne Casella, Adam Zions, Zachary Holmes
Editor: Karen Brown
Education: Kate Hellgren, Felicia Lee, Anne Casella
Evening Programs:  Zachery Holmes, Jonathan Varol
Festivals: Eric Amundson
Field Trips:  Adam Zions, Tim Hardin, Jose-Miguel Ponciano
Finance: Elizabeth Mance, Debbie Segal, Anne Casella, Gary Gossman
Fundraising: Jonathan Varol, Elizabeth Mance
GREBE Liaison: Zachary Holmes
Intern Committee: Debbie Segal, Katie Sieving, Anne Casella, Felicia Lee, Zachary Holmes
Kestrel Conservation: Eric Amundson
Membership:  Karen Brown
Native Plant Garden: Jonathan Varol, Sherri Amundson, Lee Bloomcamp, Karen Brown
Proposals: Anne Casella, Gary Gossman, Adam Zions
Social Media: Kayla Ehrlich, Karen Brown
Website: Peter Davis, Karen Brown

Alachua Audubon’s Board of Directors meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month (except for June and July) at 6:30 pm via Zoom for the monthly business meeting.