College Internships/Scholarships

Pedro Lopez, a recent AAS college intern, at the Prairie Creek Banding Lab.

Each school semester, Alachua Audubon seeks college students (UF and SFC) interested in conservation, education, outreach and other functions to serve as interns. Interns must be currently matriculated college students in good academic standing and be able to contribute a minimum of 5 hours per week for at least 12 weeks during a regular academic term. Intern opportunities include bird banding, nest box monitoring (kestrels & warblers), Common Loon migration monitoring, and assisting with educational and public outreach, and strategic social media. Interns may accrue academic credit if arranged by their institution. Prospective interns must apply to the Internship Program within 3-4 weeks prior to each term they are offered. 

Spring 2024 applications are due January 1st. 

For more information, contact Dr. Katie Sieving (chucao at at the beginning of Spring and Fall semesters.


The Alachua Audubon Society selectively awards scholarships to college students who serve as AAS Interns for at least one full academic term (Fall or Spring). Once selected as an intern, full commitment to assigned duties and responsible representation of the AAS mission for at least one academic term earns eligibility for an Intern Scholarship.

Other than a full academic term of service as a College Intern, these awards are based upon the following criteria:

  • Discharging assigned duties in a timely fashion,
  • Maintaining a mature and professional demeanor when interacting with the public and with AAS Board of Directors and volunteers,
  • Encouraging college student engagement in Audubon-sponsored activities,
  • Demonstrating a willingness to engage in opportunities and challenges as they arise in the conduct of the AAS mission.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be considered for a scholarship, an applicant must be a currently or recently matriculated undergraduate college student in good standing academically, who is able to participate in person in AAS activities, and who is currently serving as an AAS College Intern during the term of award. The Board decides which interns receive the scholarship based on each intern’s reliability and effort during the term of award. Board decisions are final.