GREBE is the University of Florida’s Audubon campus chapter and a proud partner of the Alachua County Audubon Society. The acronym “GREBE” stands for Gator Ready for Exceptional Birding Experiences, a title that summarizes the organization well. Open to all majors and backgrounds, UF GREBE offers a welcoming space for those eager to delve into the world of ornithology. During biweekly meetings, members learn how to identify and understand birds, use tools such as eBird, and engage in enriching professional development talks. Beyond the classroom, members traverse the campus for birding walks, while weekend excursions to nearby natural areas like San Felasco State Park and Ocala National Forest provide practical application of the skills acquired in workshops. Through these activities, GREBE nurtures a close-knit community that prioritizes the joy of birding, the cultivation of connections, and the simple celebration of all avian life.

GREBE’s Garden for the Birds:

The GREBE “Garden for Birds” is a student-managed native plant garden located on the UF campus. Home to a diverse array of Florida native plant species, the garden is always brimming with life! From Fakahatchee Grass to American Beautyberry, the plants in the GREBE garden have been carefully selected to provide food and shelter to as many bird species as possible throughout the entire year. Gray Catbirds, Brown Thrashers, Painted Buntings, and Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds are just a few of the many bird species that can be observed in the garden. Many of the plants are also attractive to native pollinators – butterflies, bumblebees, hover flies, and countless other beneficial insects can all be found enjoying the garden. In today’s increasingly urbanized world, the GREBE “Garden for Birds” aims to provide a much-needed refuge for birds and other wildlife.

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