Swainson’s Hawk still there!

From: Rex Rowan <rexrowan@gmail.com>
To: Alachua County birding report

Josh Watson saw the Swainson’s Hawk at SW 95th Avenue at 7:45 this morning (the 23rd): “Saw him this morning perched above the barn structure. Saw the light belly with the dark patches in the higher part of the chest. It was just to the left of the barn structure, posted up in the crown of the tree. I did have two cars drive past, one of which paused awkwardly long at the intersection back on to 41. Awkwardly long….” Remember to follow Adam Zions’s example: smile and wave ingratiatingly. You don’t want to end up here in the Christmas Day edition of the Sun.

In other western Alachua County birding news, my daughter and I went out to SW 250th Street north of Watermelon Pond on the 21st and relocated the Western Kingbird that Lloyd Davis had found earlier in the day. It was on a telephone line.

If I don’t send out another birding report until after the 1st, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!