Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

An appreciation and understanding of the vast diversity of bird life is a cornerstone principle of birding. As a birding organization representing a community with a dynamic and diverse human population with a vast range of nationalities, lifestyles, and personal and professional backgrounds, Alachua Audubon recognizes a moral obligation to offer all our neighbors respect, inclusion, and opportunities to participate and be heard in our organization. We also recognize this obligation as an opportunity to energize and strengthen our organization and our environmental advocacy by ensuring our collective voice better reflects Alachua County as a whole. The urgent need to protect our natural world transcends political, cultural, and social boundaries, and we believe that new ideas and solutions from a diverse range of voices can make us a stronger and more effective organization.

While Alachua Audubon has always had an open door for all, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, politics, or income, we recognize a need to proactively invite and facilitate the participation of groups traditionally underrepresented in birding, including younger birders and people of color. Towards this end, we are undertaking the following initiatives:

  1. Re-imagining the locations, times, and formats of some of our programs to make them more welcoming and accessible, as well as less intimidating, to audiences unfamiliar with birding.
  2. Building strategic partnerships with public and non-profit groups, such as the county library system, to expand our ability to impact underserved communities.